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2016/07/27 at 11:20:11
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TrafficMonsoon has frozen all the money because they were lodged and under investigation. Unable to collect money.

There is surfacing about the article Feds freezing funds and filing He tm After receiving information from charles here with the his statement he posted just a few minutes ago.
The SEC filed a lawsuit. We'll stand up against Their Claims in a court of law. Whatever is going on we'll get to the bottom of it.
There's no promised "returns" as I have always Said, and the website and my videos does not say anything of the sort .. I've never guaranteed 10% returns .. That as we only sell ad service people click ads in WHO The traffic exchange can qualify to share in Revenues up to a maximum of $ 55 .. without any time frame affixed whatsoever.
People serpent been circulating fake checks using bank account and routing number provided online info .. I Moved the funds out from the business account into my personal account to Avoid Those from clearing, also-- I INTENDED to send funds to payza Those with the note That indicates he transfer. I just could not make that large of a transfer to pay people what They earned a snake until I was Able to go into a Chase branch. I did not pay myself That money. I was positioning That money to be sent to payza, but I was not given a chance to do that because i snake not been Able to go into a Chase branch since I was out of the country.
I was definitely sharing profit margins with people as I have Outlined. No investment is Offered on traffic monsoon as it Clearly states. No promise of returns - only promise of ad service, with an explanation That people can click through ads and qualify to share in the Revenues, Which could not possible be guaranteed.
I was just about to fly to Utah to make that transfer and surprise everyone with an early release to some of the positions and balances.

Article here: http://www.sltrib.com/home/4160984-155/feds-says-utah-ponzi-scheme-took

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