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Administration 2014/09/09 at 11:40:32
ID: #17358

Problem with loading avatar

Poland     Posts: 3202
I have good news for everyone, we finally moved and tested our website on new server. Everything looks to work correctly if you see any error etc. please let us know. All refback will be added in next few days and account upgrade will be exteded by 1 week for everyone. We are really sorry for this downtime also we wants to thank everyone that support us in this difficult moments. Soon we will send e-mails to all of our members to let everyone that we are back on track. Please report us any bugs or errors that you notice in our system.

Best Regards
RefbackBank.com Team
Emerald 2014/09/09 at 12:05:40
ID: #17359


Vietnam     Posts: 31
Balance: 1.15$
Good news. But my request payment already pending more a week, please admin processing it.
Administration 2014/09/09 at 12:40:17
ID: #17360

Problem with loading avatar

Poland     Posts: 3202
All payments are sent (expect one requested via Payza). All other pending works like tickets etc. will be cleared in 1-2 days.
2014/09/09 at 16:54:12
ID: #17362


Philippines     Posts: 145
Balance: 1.26$
Thanks for the info.:)

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