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2013/05/22 at 15:35:59
ID: #15970


Lithuania     Posts: 8
Balance: 6.71$
Platinum from today but dont understand why they give refferal if they inactive for 4 years. instead they could give more from direct ones. And now this refferal crap is annoy me.
2013/06/08 at 07:50:05
ID: #16035


Lithuania     Posts: 8
Balance: 6.71$
Couple days ago i got mi new 15 active refferal. It was a bit unexpected but made me really happy for 2 things: first the site admines is trusted and second that now i can recommend others to invest here.
Still don\'t have any earnings from mi reffs but it\'s good to see them working.
I hope mi balance will grow faster now.
Personally i work in 5 programs cose i don\'t have time  for more, and most of mi earnings are counted on refferal work.
Platinium 2013/11/27 at 00:52:43
ID: #16442


Vietnam     Posts: 134
Balance: 2.37$
I have 32 ref inactive!:(

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