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Administration 2011/04/16 at 11:12:18
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Problem with loading avatar

Poland     Posts: 3202
What must it contain?
- screenshots
- step by step guide
- properly english

We accept all tutorial related with our site, but only this in which havee High Quality.
2011/06/13 at 08:12:47
ID: #10154


Mauritius     Posts: 41
Balance: 0.69$
Title: how to earn money

1.clcik on 'sites'

2.There you can chose what site you are interested by clicking on Paid or New

3.Then register by clicking on the banner for example: BuxP

4.After registration, return to the site(where you click the banner),near the banner(BuxP),you will find a 'Plus Green' click on it,a window will open,write the username that you registered/chose (BuxP)

5.Go to 'My account', click on site 'site checker

Like this

6.You must be active(clcik daily) in all sites that you register for them, otherwise they will delete you from their down-line.

7.You will earn little by little,the more ads you click the more you earn.
2011/06/14 at 04:43:42
ID: #10173


United States of America     Posts: 34
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2011/06/17 at 11:55:24
ID: #10213


Mauritius     Posts: 41
Balance: 0.69$
2nd Tutorial.
How to earn much more.

1.The more sites you register for them you earn more money but you earn much by upgrading.Go to your account and click on Upgrade Packs.

2.There you can upgrade to many offered features with very cheap price and all upgrade(    Standard    Emerald    Sapphire    Diamond    Platinum ) are for 1 year, payment are proceed via Alertpay and Paypal. More the Refback Rate, more you earn

3.You can have direct referral by advertising in other site or exchanging in this site http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum
First you must copy your ref link and paste it to whom, the people will referring you and you earn from them depending your membership.
(a).Go to your account and click on banner

(b).There you copy your ref link or banner
2011/11/22 at 16:55:01
ID: #12791


United Kingdom     Posts: 18
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do you still need any help? I could make some tutorials for the whole site if you like? seen as though a few changes have been made. please let me know and i'll get to work
Administration 2011/11/23 at 18:32:14
ID: #12804

Problem with loading avatar

Poland     Posts: 3202
Yes, if you made good and usefull tutorial you will get yours reward.
2011/12/03 at 16:30:05
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United Kingdom     Posts: 18
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ok i will start working on them tonight.
2013/03/05 at 14:28:35
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Spain     Posts: 29
Balance: 2.87$
Pone al comienzo que SWINBUX no paga, pero yo he recibido hoy UN PAGO DE 0,75 euros, lo digo como prueba, claro que a mi en su cuenta no he recibido nada.
Puts the beginning that SWINBUX not pay, but I have received today A PAYMENT OF $ 0.75, I say as evidence, of course in my mind I have not received anything.
2013/09/05 at 12:46:03
ID: #16225


Indonesia     Posts: 2
Balance: 1.68$
Good tutorial for new accounts at refbackbank.com :) But, i just read this post after 3 days joined... Really sorry Admin for submitted some ticket... :) I\'m waiting my Status will be approved :) Thanks Admin... :)
2014/08/31 at 02:35:01
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Malaysia     Posts: 1
Balance: 0.20$
hi, if some ptc i had joined, may i still click it. or i just write down my username on each site i join?

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